On-Site Power Generation For Battery Electric Fleets

On-site Power Generators

Benefits Of On-Site Power Generation

  • Improved Capital and Operational Planning

  • No Risk of Rising Utility Rates

  • Small Footprint

  • Cost Savings for Fleets of All Sizes

  • Safe, Clean and Reliable Power

  • Compliant with All Local Codes

Improved Capital and Operational Planning

Battery Electric Buses (BEBs) keep communities running, and with on-site power generation from Trillium, we will keep your BEBs running. When you charge off-grid, you control power supply and costs, which leads the way for improved capital and operational planning.

The Utility Power is Not Your Only Option for Power

The utility option comes with uncertainty and brings risks to future operating costs for BEB fleets. Immediate risks include: transformer upgrades, infrastructure needs and grid reliability. Over time, phased in demand charges, utility recovery of capital costs through rate design are impactful long-term risks with using the utility.

Price Control

BEB fleets control their power price by producing it themselves. As your BEB fleet grows, utility demand charges will play a greater role, having a profound impact on your costs. Experience the compelling cost savings from producing power rather than buying it.


Growing your EV fleet should be exciting, not concerning, which is why scalability is key. As your BEB fleet grows, Trillium can readily add or upgrade generators and battery storage to match operational demand. This “grow as you go” approach avoids potential “overbuilding” associated with a utility upgrade.

What Sets Trillium Apart?

With more than 20 years of experience and a large portfolio of diversified clients, Trillium has a track record of being an industry-leading alternative fuel supplier. An added bonus to partnering with Trillium is access to a 24/7 rapid response team, which is local to your fleet. Trillium’s corporate team in Houston is also available to you for account, dispatch and card needs.

Contact a Trillium representative today to learn more about on-site power generation options for your fleet.