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  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction

  • Highly-Trained Technicians

  • Proven Technology

  • Customized Preventative Maintenance

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Use Solar Energy with Trillium


TRILLIUM SOLAR TURNKEY PARTNERSHIP Customized solar power solution. All-inclusive extended warranty. All preventative maintenance, emergency call outs, consumables, parts, remote monitoring, and reporting.
TRILLIUM SOLAR ALPHA Customizable solutions that may include design, construction, routine or emergency maintenance labor, remote monitoring, and reporting.
TRILLIUM SOLAR BETA Design, maintenance and parts as requested by customer.


Reliability is a hallmark of Trillium's CNG fueling and operations, and we pride ourselves on having the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. We've taken that reliability and expertise and translated it into our solar design, build, operations, and maintenance services.

From concept to completion, our solar energy experts can create a game plan tailored to your needs, including grant writing assistance, design, construction, maintenance, and even feasibility research. Once a design is set, our expert team of engineers and project managers will ensure the construction of your solar array is completed on time and on budget.


Our first line of support is our 24/7 service team. Our US-based remote service desk is covered by highlytrained staff members that visually monitor equipment, answer incoming calls, respond immediately to faults, and work with our local service teams to diagnose and repair issues. To ensure quick repairs, we maintain a sizable inventory of parts. Our stock includes both routine and corrective maintenance parts and consumables to ensure that all services can be completed without delay. Maintenance practices are important, but our people make the difference. Our national network of trained, professional technicians stay current on technology, attending internal equipment and safety training sessions, as well as classes held by manufacturers.


Proper preventative maintenance is the key to equipment longevity. Trillium stays current on planned maintenance tasks, reducing the need for unplanned work and maximizing equipment reliability. Trillium’s maintenance program is based on service intervals defined by the equipment manufacturers and our own extensive experience in operating CNG stations. We believe in fixing before failure, an approach that serves our customers looking for long-term performance.

Trillium Solar Energy


As sustainability requirements increase, we can help you design a solar energy implementation strategy to take full advantage of the cost and emissions savings that renewables provide. Our solutions experts are here to provide the information to get you connected with our experienced design, operations, and maintenance staff to ensure long-term success.