Trillium CNG Refuse

Compressed Natural Gas For Refuse Vehicles

For more than 20 years, our team of knowledgeable professional has exceeded customers' expectations by delivering superior quality, reliability and dependability resulting in bottom-line savings.  Trillium's consultative approach to problem solving, proprietary equipment and 24/7 maintenance ensures peace-of-mind that every aspect of the CNG infrastructure will be taken care of.

Why CNG For Your Refuse Fleet?

Refuse fleets are quickly adopting CNG due to one prevailing factor: affordability.  

Over the average life of a refuse vehicle, fleet operators stand to improve their bottom line every year just by switching to CNG.  Beyond the cost advantages, CNG-powered fleets produce 30% fewer greenhouse gasses and become part of a cycle of sustainability through the collection of refuse materials leading to the production of Renewable Natural Gas.

Fueling And Maintenance Infrastructure

No matter the size of your fleet, Trillium has a fueling solution tailored to your needs. Take advantage of our traditional station Design and Build services or our new Compact Fueling Station.

To maintain your Natural Gas Vehicle, you need a shop that meets specific codes and regulations. As part of our complete suite of services, we provide the tools you need to modify an existing maintenance structure or design a new one from the ground up.

Refuse Advantages

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Benefits of Natural Gas Vehicles