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Make Your City Green

As local governing bodies continue to search for ways to improve both their budget and environmental impact, many transit authorities turn to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as their fuel of choice. Abundant, domestic and clean, CNG is a clear choice as a transportation fuel for a transit system. CNG’s inherently stable price coupled with federal and state level incentives creates an added advantage to CNG adoption, making it easy to meet a city’s unique budgetary and sustainability needs.


Transit Advantages

Turning Point: The CNG Handbook For Bus Fleets

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Solutions that Save

A turnkey partnership with Trillium for fueling and maintenance infrastructure can enhance your return on the investment of transitioning to an alternative fuel. Trillium provides transit agencies better performance at low prices and allows the cost of fueling infrastructure to be amortized over time through fueling contracts. This alleviates the burden of capital cost for CNG stations and guarantees operational excellence.

CNG Reliability

CNG bus propulsion is a safe, mature technology that performs on par with diesel buses. CNG is primarily composed of methane, the cleanest burning fossil fuel, so CNG buses do not require the use of complex and costly Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) or a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) after treatment systems. Many transit maintenance directors say they expect the long-term cost of maintaining CNG buses to be lower than new diesel buses and the service reliability of the propulsion systems of current generation CNG buses to increase in comparison to diesel bus reliability.

Best in Class

With over two decades of experience and one of the largest portfolios of transit systems among CNG providers today, Trillium is prepared to undertake any project for our nation’s transit authorities. Our in-house engineering and preventative maintenance teams ensure your fueling station will not only be designed to meet the highest standards including advanced fueling technology, but continue to operate at peak efficiency for years to come.

24/7 Coverage

At Trillium, safety and dependability are top priorities. Not only do we provide extensive training to all transit personnel using our equipment, but our 24/7 Rapid Response team is available around the clock to remotely monitor stations, diagnose any issue that may arise and deploy a team member to the site if necessary.

Beyond CNG

At Trillium, Customers are our top priority. We've taken the time to listen to our clients and colleagues and identify the products and services they're looking for. We will now be applying our decades of refueling expertise to new fuels and technologies so that your transit agency can run on a fuel of your choice with a fueling partner you trust.

New Fuel Offerings

  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Hydrogen Fueling Solar
  • Solar Panel Installation