Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Trillium EV Services

Electric Vehicle Charging:
Advantages of Working with Trillium

  • Over 2 Decades of Fleet Fueling Experience

  • Ability to Work with All Major Vehicle and Charging Manufacturers

  • Innovative Business Models and P3 Expertise

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services

  • Energy Purchase Consulting

Energy Supply Options

Does it make sense for your fleet to avoid grid charges and install power generation at your site? Trillium can help you evaluate options like solar, battery storage and other on-site generation options. Through on-site generation, you can take charge of your power costs over the long-term and reduce the risk related to future changes in utility fees. The options include renewable technologies that can help you further your sustainability goals.

At Trillium, our Customers are our top priority. We listen to our Customers’ needs and identify the products, services, and solutions they're looking for. We make sure your fleet runs on the fuel of your choice with a fueling partner you can trust.


Learn about Trillium’s role in the #VolvoLIGHTS project, an exciting initiative designed to propel battery-electric freight movement beyond the demonstration phase into a widespread reality. Watch the 3-minute video below.


Learn more about VolvoLIGHTS

The Fuel may be new, but your fueling partner doesn’t have to be.

Electric Vehicles are swiftly making their way onto our city streets. While the decision to convert your fleet to Electric Vehicles may seem simple, often the planning, financing, and charging system design is not. Trillium assists Customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions to these infrastructure challenges.


The energy to charge your EV typically comes from the utility grid, but there are other options to consider. Trillium provides a feasibility review to explore options for managing power and demand costs, both on and off the grid. Trillium has relationships with all major bus and charging manufacturers. Our Customers are free to choose the equipment that best suits their needs.


Electric Vehicles may be green, but they also can cost a lot of green! Trillium offers innovative business models to defer the capital cost of installing charging infrastructure, so you benefit from operational savings immediately. Our experience with Public-Private Partnerships (P3) creates a pathway for you to avoid the upfront cost of owning and operating EV charging equipment. Long-term fixed pricing can also provide peace of mind for your fleet’s financial planning.