Trillium Hydrogen Solutions


  • Over 2 Decades of Experience Fueling our Customers Fleets

  • Renewable Fuel & Power Options

  • Innovative Business Models and P3 Expertise

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Zero-Emission Technology Available Today on a Large Scale

Hydrogen is an up-and-coming fuel choice for major heavy-duty fleets. As a Zero-Emission technology, Hydrogen can be an attractive choice for fleet managers and sustainability officers looking to green their fleet on a large scale. While the decision to convert to Hydrogen may seem simple, often the planning, financing, and fueling system design is not. Trillium assists customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions to these infrastructure challenges.

The Fuel may be new, but your fueling partner doesn’t have to be.

Station Design, Construction, Operations, & Maintenance

No matter what stage of Hydrogen fueling adoption you’re in, Trillium is here to offer support and guidance from trusted experts to design and construct a fueling solution tailored to your fleet’s needs.

After construction and installation are complete, our team performs rigorous quality and performance tests to ensure the station will continue to run at peak efficiency. Our nationwide network of highly-trained mechanics works in conjunction with out 24/7 Houston-based support team to ensure there are no disruptions in fueling.


Trillium offers innovative business models to defer the capital cost of installing fueling infrastructure, so you benefit from operational savings immediately. Our experience with Public-Private Partnerships (P3) creates a pathway for you to avoid the upfront cost of owning and operating Hydrogen fueling equipment. Long-term fixed pricing can also provide peace of mind for your fleet’s financial planning.

At Trillium, our Customers are our top priority. We listen to our Customers’ needs and identify the products, services, and solutions they're looking for. We make sure your fleet runs on the fuel of your choice with a fueling partner you can trust.
Hydrogen Fueling With Trillium

Fuel Supply Options

Unlike CNG, Hydrogen is not transported to your station via pipeline. Instead, Trillium offers delivered-in solutions to Customers as well as on-site production such as steam methane reformation or electrolysis.

In addition to traditional Hydrogen, Trillium also offers renewable fuel sources for our customers. Hydrogen produced from Biogas (RNG) ensures a well-to-wheels low-carbon footprint. Trillium’s solar power options can further reduce our Customer’s carbon footprint.

Trillium is a leading developer of alternative fueling system design and provides installation and operations for innovative energy solutions. For more than 20 years, our team has exceeded customer expectations by delivering superior quality, reliability, and dependability, resulting in bottom-line savings. Our consultative approach to problem solving and 24/7 maintenance ensures peace of mind that every aspect of the fueling infrastructure is in good hands.