Heavy Duty CNG

Trillium CNG is here to meet all of your heavy duty trucking needs

Heavy Duty Advantages

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Cummins Low-Nox

With new Low-Nox engine technologies emerging, CNG could be the cost-effective, emission reducing technology your fleet has been looking for. Explore our nationwide network of public access stations.

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Natural Gas Comes of Age

Natural gas as a transportation fuel continues to gain traction nationwide. Advancements in engine and fuel system technologies have contributed to the trucking industry’s growing interest in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). As a viable fueling option, CNG answers the questions of affordability and sustainability.


Trillium CNG

Customer-Focused Options

Love’s operates with your needs in mind by providing the lowest cost per mile solutions for a wide range of fueling options. Love’s is committed to promoting innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the transportation industry. In 2012, we opened our first heavy-duty, Fast Fill CNG location, designed for Class 8 truck use in Oklahoma City, OK. The station design, along with the emergence of new Class 8 engine options, serves as the prototype for the expansion of Fast Fill CNG stations nationwide. Currently, our network includes 18 Fast-Fill locations including the Texas Triangle, and 28 Trillium CNG Class 8 card-lock stations.

Natural Gas Fill Rates

CNG achieves a diesel-like fill experience at the pump. A truck enters a CNG fueling lane, performs all other normal checks and exits within 10 minutes. Having multiple compressors at our Fast-Fill CNG locations ensures significantly higher fill rates with a fast, reliable fill every time.

The Love's & Trillium Advantage

Our fast-fill CNG customers appreciate Love’s quick convenient highway access for fueling, as well as the security of a well-lit, well-maintained fueling location with all the travel stop amenities right inside. No other fueling location offers this level of security and convenience for your drivers today. Trillium’s experienced maintenance team and its proven record of keeping facilities performing at the highest level will give you continued reliable service at the pumps. If your optimized route needs additional fueling areas, Trillium CNG brings an additional 28 Class 8 cardlock stations to provide your drivers the same secure, well-lit locations, without travel stop amenities. As sustainability requirements increase, we can help you build a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) implementation strategy. Our fleet solutions experts are here to help you manage any sustainability programs or initiatives to meet your customers’ expectations.